assisted living Oceanside, CA

For seniors who enjoy the coast and would prefer to spend a bit less on living and care, Oceanside could be the perfect seaside haven. This coastal city is the third largest in San Diego County and has numerous assisted living and independent living options. Oceanside is also close to Orange County for family members who live there, and to Camp Pendleton for military families. And an elder living in Oceanside can enjoy the revitalized downtown area with it’s beaches and coastal breezes.

In Oceanside there are many options for senior care, including independent retirement communities, assisted living centers, dementia care centers, and nursing homes.

With so many choices, families may feel lost looking at the online search results or yellow pages. Which type of facility is equipped and staffed to provide the setting and/or care your senior loved ones requires? Would a large community provide more resources and connection, or would a smaller, more intimate setting be best?

Is Assisted Living in Oceanside Right For Your Elder?

Consulting with Elder Answers can help you figure this out, but here are some things to consider:

assisted living in Oceanside, CA

  • If your elder can no longer live independently and needs daily assistance with personal care, an assisted living facility provides these things and can lessen the responsibility of family caregiving.
  • If your elder needs someone to watch out for them, an assisted living facility provides oversight, safety and security.
  • If your senior requires medical care, a nursing home may be needed. If the elder has dementia, a memory care facility may be needed. There are Oceanside communities that provide these different levels of care on one campus.

How Is An Assisted Living Oceanside Facility Different From Independent Living?

Independent living facilities in Oceanside provide:

assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA

  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping services
  • Transportation
  • Organized events
  • A social community of peers

Licensed assisted living facilities in Oceanside add the following services:

  • Assistance with medications
  • Help with bathing and hygiene
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Toileting and incontinence
  • Assistance getting around

How Can You Find the Most Appropriate Oceanside Assisted Living Community?

It’s challenging to figure out what the most suitable environment should be for your elder. And not being familiar with San Diego County can make your search even more confusing.

When you contact Elder Answers, we take the time to learn what your loved one needs and is looking for in a senior care environment. We visit and evaluate facilities and meet with staff, and have longstanding relationships with the assisted living communities in Oceanside.

Please call us at 619-538-9155. We’re happy to help and are always a free service to families.

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Client Testimonials

I came across Lise after dealing with several other senior consultants, all of whom were either located out of town or not at all in tune with what I was looking for.

Lise was a “breath of fresh air”, taking the time and patience to learn about my parents and their needs.

She saved me LITERALLY hours upon hours of time and effort by providing me referrals to senior homes that met my criteria.

To say that she knows the San Diego senior market and is very well connected thereto would be an understatement!

At all times, her ONLY concern was getting my parents located in a place that was best for them, and for our family!

I recommend Lise without reservation. You may contact me for a reference/further information about my experience at any time.

tom f

Tom F.
San Diego CA.
yelp five star

Lisa found my mother in law a palace to live in for her final days. Give us tons of information and basically took us through the whole process all without charging a dime. She seems to know everything about everyone of the homes in this area and answered all of our questions at least twice (sorry about that part Lisa 🙂 Some of them on a Sunday afternoon (sorry about that too Lisa)

The place told us they were giving us a discount because they really like her (Lisa that is) which is awesome. Thank you so much for helping my dying relative find such a perfect place to spend what little time she has left.

Jill T.

Jill T.
Encinitas, CA
yelp five star

There is no one better than Lise when it comes to placing a loved one. I have not seen anyone work harder and never give up on the more difficult cases. Being in Senior Care myself you learn quickly who you can trust, and I trust Lise more than any other Senior Care adviser out there!

shanyn c

Shanyn C.
Oceanside CA.
yelp five star

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