If you are searching for senior care in San Diego, you will quickly discover there are hundreds of facilities throughout the county. It can be overwhelming to think about where to begin. And driving through San Diego traffic to visit retirement communities or assisted living facilities can be very time-consuming. You can easily spend an entire day planning a visit to just one senior community, and of course you want to investigate several of them before you decide on the most appropriate fit for your loved one.

Elder Answers knows the entire county well. No matter where you are in San Diego county – as far south as Chula Vista, as far north as Escondido or Oceanside, or as far east as El Cajon – we will help you find the right senior community to provide care for your elder. We visit and evaluate every retirement community and home in the county, so we know which ones will most appropriately fit the senior in your life.

We offer senior placement assistance in the following San Diego communities…and everywhere in between.

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